Talk About Nerds!

The rundown is: We are nerds and we love to talk about everything from every hobby we enjoy! So on this podcast, you will hear about everything from the newest TV Series, the computer games we are playing, to the new Commander decks in magic that we just made!

We will also pick a new board game to play on every episode of the podcast, and on the next episode, we will talk about it, review it and rate it! And we release a new episode of the podcast every other week.

So if you are like us and enjoy nerdy things and hobbies then we welcome you to listen and even contact us with opinions and new topics you want us to discuss!


Åvar is a big fan of Magic: The Gathering and obscure movies. He owns a great number of commander decks and will delivery his puns whenever possible. Bring beers and Åvar will bring Monty Python.

Top 3 ranked board games

Lover Letter 7.5/10

Volt 7/10

Imperial Settlers 6.5/10


Our Resident DM! The All-rounder! Mr. Casual! Important persons always go by many different names, and Sindre is no exception. Without Sindre, our podcast would just be a bunch of faulty made-up facts. He is also known to many as Kenneth’s not as handsome and not as cool brother. (If you didn’t understand already, this was written by Kenneth)

Top 3 ranked board games

Battlestar Galactica 9.5/10

Betrayal At Baldur's Gate 8.5/10

Twilight Imperium 8.5/10


Kenneth is the competitive guy in the group, and always brags about the times he was Competing in Smite, and how high ranked he was in computer games. He is also always trying hard on every casual game night we have for fun! (he usually never wins, but don’t remind him about that unless you want to have a 10 min discussion on how the game was rigged)

Top 3 ranked board games

The Resistance Avalon 9.5/10

Evolution 8.5/10

Wingspan 8.5/10