Game Nights

On every episode of our podcast, we will pick a new board game to play, review and rate on the podcast! And so we figured if we are gonna play a new game all the time, why not make a Game Nights episode out of it! So, every game we pick and play from the podcast will have its own video uploaded to our YouTube channel!

The list of games we have that we are going to play is long and ever-expanding! the list as of now is on 127 different board games! Ranging from your casual 15 min kids game to bigger games such as Nemesis and Bloodrage. And we also of course have classics like Splendor and Dominion, everything will be played, reviewed, and rated! So if you are in need of a new game recommendation, just tune in or go through the public list of our ratings to find your next game for your get-together with your friends!

We have all been playing board games our whole life, from playing with family come Christmas time, to playing weekly with the local board game club! So our experience in board games is long.

Most of the time the games we make videos’ with are picked randomly on our podcast. But now and then new hyped games are released or games we talked about for a long time get a new production run, so they might sneak past the queue! But we will always keep the videos fresh with the most interesting games!

So if you enjoy watching us play the games, and want to get reminded when we upload new videos, just head over to our YouTube video, Subscribe and hit the notification bell! That way you will be notified whenever we upload a new video.

We upload a new Game Nights video every other week, but you never know, sometimes there might come a new surprise video! So make sure you never miss out on any of our content!