Destiny By Dice

7 D&D enthusiasts from the local D&D community came together and found out they wanted to stream the game they love! 7 people who did not know each other for long before the streaming started, which makes it really fun to see their relationships grow over time in the first campaign – both in character and out of character.

We started our campaign early in 2021 and have had so much fun and intrigues that have happend, with alot more to come!

Our DM Sindre is a guy with many years experience with many different groups and has written a ton of stories! So it’s a guarantee to be a deep and interesting story that unfolds on stream! Our players range from guys who were almost new when we started to some who have years of experience playing D&D!

We stream weekly and we upload the episodes shortly after on YouTube, so if you are new to our show and this is gonna be your first time watching, we recommend to go catch up on earlier episodes on our YouTube channel.